Sunday, November 11, 2012

His heart keeps calling me.

On July 6th, 2013, I will be walking down the aisle to join The Honey in Holy Matrimony. The dream that constantly plays over and over in my head. Until then, I just have to wait and enjoy the perks of preparing for a new chapter. A new paradise.

There is no time to spare in this Universe. Every second is a heartbeat closer to dreaming my dreams with him.

Every since I met The Honey, I feel myself bloom physically, spiritually and intellectually in the beautiful sea of life.

Many of you know that Honey and I do not have the ordinary love story. It began with a nightmare, starring Cancer. But Reggie and I survived. We are still surviving.

I must tell you, the moment I looked into his eyes as he laid on his death bed, my life changed. Our friendship thrived on our Faith. That nasty storm deepen our relationship and circled the core of our Faith. Reggie's battle with brain cancer changed my attitude and redirected my thinking. Prior to meeting The Honey, my priorities were scrambled around. I was spiritually imbalanced. 

But through the surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and the transition of a new life together, we stretched our hands to Thee. And every night and morning, we thanked our Savior. And we continue to do so.

I never expected to be in the relationship that I am in. But The Honey swept me off my feet and that was the beginning of Our Love Story.

Stay tuned.

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