Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where is my dress?


I thought shopping for a wedding dress would be fun! But for me, finding the perfect silhouette has ripen into a daunting journey. More like a nagging leg cramp. I mean, I have the perfect guy. I just need the perfect dress. 
This should not be rocket science, folks. It is just a dress. For the party! The wedding! That's all it is. Right?

I have pranced around in plenty of luxurious wedding dresses. Just beautiful and ravishing! But not one dress has truly stolen my heart. Every time I walk in a bridal shop and try on dresses, an ambush of compliments soar through the fitting room. "Oh, your body looks great in all of these dresses!" Or "You should be a model for bridal gowns." And "You have the perfect body for this dress." Mmmm... thanks. But I need to find THEE DRESS! Who has time to think about modeling when they have to find the perfect dress?

There are so many lovely styles to choose from! 
But, honestly, some of these dresses are dreadful. 
Just a waste.

Ugly. Very.

Short Wedding Gowns 4 Short Wedding Gowns


Short Wedding Gowns 2 Short Wedding Gowns 

Girl, boom.

 Alright, there are beautiful dresses, I promise.

Gown features Swarovski crystals.

Gown features beading, lace, and waistband. 


Gown features embroidery and waist sash with flower.


I know that "Thee Dress" is not a tool of joviality for a marriage. Nevertheless, I need to find a pretty dress that truly represents me for our special day. Considering the fact that I am very picky, I am guilty for making this experience a bit more overwhelming than it really is. One day, Thee Dress will take my breath away. I am thrilled in knowing that I am closer to finding her. Until then...

I rather take a nap.

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